Machinery for powders for pharmaceuticals, nutraceutical and cosmetics.

MultiGel designs and manufactures machinery in its Tuscany plant for every stage of processing and packaging of powders for galenic, cosmetic and nutraceutical laboratories. From mixers to dosage machines, from filling lines to sachet machines, we support clients with personalised solutions. Each MultiGel machine is based on proprietary technology and after-sales support, with spare parts available for every single model.



Solutions for powders

From mixers to dosing machines, from filling lines to sachet machines, we assist customers with customised solutions.

Mixers and Granulators

MultiGel combined powder mixers and granulators are compact, efficient and easy to clean. Each machine is made entirely in house and guarantees even mixing and excellent granulation. The innovative design and the personalised configuration respond to the demands of laboratories with high performance, even at low speeds.

Dosing machines

High-precision, reliable and efficient dosing machines for powders and granular materials, including for extremely fine powders, ideals for both micro and macro doses. The electronic setting of dosage and weight parameters via a touch screen ensures perfect results and extreme ease of use. Every dosing machine can be configured according to client requirements.

Filling lines

MultiGel automatic and semi-automatic filling machines increase productivity and safety in the packaging of powders in pre-dosed caps or flasks. The filling and capping system has been studied to guarantee the utmost precision throughout the process. Every filling machine is fitted with a programmable touch screen control system and can be configured as required.

Sachet machines

MultiGel sachet machines allow for the safe and rapid packaging of liquids, creams, gels, powders and solids in sachets, with all types of multilayer materials. Fitted with devices for pre-cutting sachets and for the inkjet printing of batch numbers and expiry dates. They are available in a range of formats and with various dosing systems. Touch-screen programming and flexible operation mean that these machines are particularly functional and versatile.

Packaging lines

The MultiGel packaging machine allows groups of 30 single-serving sachets to be packaged in trays. In combination with a sachet machine, it allows maximum optimization of product packaging time and processes. The packaging machine is equipped with an internal video camera to detect the data of the introduced sachets and discard nonconforming ones before they are assembled in the carton.

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Contact us for information of the solutions available for powders and granular materials.

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Need help?

Contact us for information of the solutions available for powders and granular materials.

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