Machinery for the processing and the packaging of liquids, gels and creams.

Our machines have been studied to guarantee safety and practicality throughout all the stages of product processing. From emulsion to dosage, from filling to packaging, as well as specific lines for ovules and suppositories.
Precision and versatility are characteristics shared by all the system solutions, which are also available with made-to-measure configurations. Furthermore, the compact dimensions of the machinery means they occupy less space, and are thus ideal for small-scale industry and laboratories.



Mixer machines, ointment mill, dosing machine, presse, sachet machines, filling lines, ovules and suppositories

MultiGel offers a complete range of machinery for the packaging of fluids, creams and lotions in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

Mixer machines

MultiGel mixer machines for the mixing and emulsifying of liquids, gels and creams offer high performance and adjustable speeds. Designed to respond to a range of processing requirements, from the fastest to the longest, they are suitable for substances of varying viscosity. Furthermore, they are designed to avoid air from being incorporated during the emulsion process, guaranteeing excellent results.

Ointments mill

MultiGel designs and manufactures compact and functional ointments mill for the crushing and blending of ointments, pastes, creams, gels and suspensions. Their ease of use renders them ideal for client requirements, offering high-quality results while being easy to dismantle and clean.

Dosing machines

Our dosing machines for liquids and semi-liquids allow for rapid and precise dosing for the filling of bottles, jars and tubes. Peristaltic dosing machines are ideal for low-viscosity liquids, while volumetric dosing machines are suitable for all liquid and semi-dense products. The dosing machines are extremely quick and easy to clean. Customisable on request, they can be combined with a hopper and nozzle to also fill pre-sealed tubes.

Sachet machines

MultiGel sachet machines allow for the safe and rapid packaging of liquids, creams, gels, powders and solids in sachets. Equipped with devices for sachet pre-cutting and for the inkjet printing of batch numbers and expiry dates, the machines are available in a range of formats and will the possibility of fitting different dosage systems. Touch-screen programming and flexible operation mean that these machines are particularly functional and versatile.

Filling lines

MultiGel fluid filling lines are extremely flexible, and come with a range of accessories to best respond to the specific requirements of the end user. High-quality mechanics and touch-screen controls allow for parameters to be quickly and precisely set. These machines are recommended for oral and cosmetic products with consistencies ranging from dense to fluid.

Sachet packaging system

The MultiGel cartoning machine allows groups of single-serving sachets to be packaged in trays. By automatic scrolling and packaging of the sachets, it allows optimizing packaging time with efficiency and small footprint. The cartoning machine is equipped with an internal video camera that detects the data of the sachets and allows nonconforming ones to be discarded.

Ovule and suppository lines

The MultiGel machine range includes a complete line for the manufacturing and packaging of ovules and suppositories in preformed cells. From suppository dosage machines to automatic sealers, as well as refrigeration units for rapid cooling. All solutions can be customised and are available with touch-screen panels for the programming of parameters.

Cannabis press and accessories

The line of machines for the preparation of Cannabis oil includes systems designed specifically to ensure that the properties of the product are preserved. From ovens for decarboxylating Cannabis, fitted with temperature control, to devices for pressing and filtering Cannabis oil quickly and simply.

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Need help?

Contact us for information on the solutions available for liquids and semi-liquids.

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