Tools and equipment for pharmacies and laboratories

With a view to rendering the client experience even more complete and satisfactory, MultiGel supplies auxiliary equipment for machinery for pharmacies and galenic, nutraceutical and R&D laboratories.

Making every day work easier is our speciality, which is why we have designed a range of auxiliary tools to render our machinery even more easy and versatile to use. From capping machines to labellers, from scales to magnetic mixers, our range of new and used equipment is on hand to assist your every process.

An extra helping hand in production, packaging and R&D

MultiGel auxiliary tools are your everyday allies in the production and packaging of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, herbal and cosmetic products. Choose your ideal solution from our range of:


MultiGel bench-top and end-of-line labelling machines have been designed to simplify the application of self-adhesive labels to cylindrical and square containers.

With adjustable settings and designed to render all-round operation simple, they are a rapid and reliable solution for the labelling of bottles, tubs, jars and containers in a range of materials.

Capping machines

MultiGel bench-top capping machines are indispensable in speeding up the application of tamper-proof, metal and plastic caps.

A screw head applies the cap in seconds, and a pneumatic system holds the container firm in the base of the machine to ensure it does not rotate during application.


Scales are an essential tool in any pharmacy and R&D laboratory, and it is just as important that they are reliable.

MultiGel supplies extremely high-precision and compact scales for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical laboratories that can easily be positioned within workspaces.<

Magnetic mixers

The magnetic mixers in the MultiGel catalogue allow reactants and solutions to be efficiently mixed at variable speeds. A precise form of equipment that allows mixing processes to be kept under control, guaranteeing the quality of the end product. Their compact size and efficiency means they can be used in laboratories of all sizes.

Melting point

Mutigel has laboratory instruments that comply with the pharmacopoeia requirements for the determination of the melting point. The equipment designed by MultiGel can measure two samples at the same time, also has an excellent measuring range and a digital display with a resolution of 0.1 ° C.

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