Machinery for the preparation of capsules, tablets and softgel capsules.

From presses to loader machines, from capsule machines to blister machines, as well as sachet machines and counting lines for research and development laboratories, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and herbal treatment companies. All the solutions are designed to offer extremely high precision, performance and ease of use. MultiGel also assists clients with customised configurations for all laboratory requirements.



Loader machine, filling machine, tablet machine, capsule counter, counting lines, blistering machine and sachet machine.

MultiGel makes made-in-Italy machinery for the preparation and packaging of
capsules, tablets and softgel capsules in flasks, blister packs, tablet bottles and sachets.

Loader machines

Manual and automatic loader machines for laboratories and pharmaceutical companies to be used in combination with one or more capsule machines. Loader machines correctly position capsules and facilitate tray loading. Easy to inspect and clean, they can be customised in accordance with client requests.

Capsule filling machines

MultiGel designs and manufactures manual and semi-automatic capsule machines for the filling and sealing of capsules. The family of capsule machines ranges from 100 to 300 capsules, and each model can operate with all capsule formats, from 000 to 5, guaranteeing ease of use and a reduction in production times. Daily maintenance is extremely easy, and the machines are compact.

Tablet machines

MultiGel tablet machines allow for the rapid and precise production of a range of tablet formats. The control panel is equipped with an item counter and the punch for pressing the powder is height adjustable. The tablet machine can produce round, oblong and oval tablets by simply changing the punch.

Capsule counters

MultiGel electronic item counters are suitable for the counting of a wide range of solid pharmaceutical formats, from capsules to round and oblong tablets, as well as tablets and soft gel capsules. Production parameters can be programmed via a touch screen. The machines can also be fitted with optional components such as dust extraction systems.

Counting lines

MultiGel supports companies and laboratories with automatic lines for the counting and packaging of solid items into containers, with the option of successive capping and labelling stages. The lines are extremely versatile, suitable for the counting of capsules, round and oblong tablets, tablets and both transparent and opaque soft gel capsules. The line can be equipped with auxiliary machines such as lifts, container organisers, induction sealers and labellers.

Blister sealing machines

The MultiGel family of blister machines ranges from small bench-top sealers for pre-formed blister packs to automatic blister machines, offering compact and extremely flexible solutions. Format changes are quick and easy, rendering the machines ideal for the production of small batches of different products. From capsules to tablets, from oblong to effervescent tablets, as well as soft gel capsules, pearls and dragees.

Sachet machines

MultiGel sachet machines allow for the safe and rapid packaging of liquids, creams, gels, powders and solids in sachets. Equipped with devices for sachet pre-cutting and for the inkjet printing of batch numbers and expiry dates, the machines are available in a range of formats and will the possibility of fitting different dosage systems. Touch-screen programming and flexible operation mean that these machines are particularly functional and versatile.

Sachet packaging system

The MultiGel cartoning machine is the solution for packaging single-serving sachets in intermediate trays. The machine's efficiency and convenience make the product packaging process faster and tidier. The cartoning machine is equipped with an internal video camera to detect the data of the introduced sachets and select only the compliant ones. For an even more complete packaging process, it can be combined with the MultiGel MP 100 sachet machine.

Extractor Hoods

MultiGel extractor hoods are compact and easy to use for extracting toxic dust, fumes and vapors from the work environment. Valuable for safeguarding the health of operators they find a place even in small environments and are available in both countertop versions and in combination with any capsule filler machine.

Vibrating Trays

MultiGel vibrating trays for capsule filler machine are the perfect accessory to aid the descent of powders into the capsules during filling of the containing units. This way the product is evenly distributed and the operator can set the desired vibration intensity for each filling operation. An effective and reliable solution with the added value of easy maintenance.

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Contact us for information on solutions for solids, capsules, tablets and softgels.

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