Ointment mill for creams

The MultiGel ointment mill for creams is designed and produced entirely in the company plant and is used for crushing and the blending of ointments, creams, pastes, gels and suspensions.
Ointment mill

It allows a range of crushing grades to be set.

Designed and produced entirely in the company plant.

It offers a perfect versatility.

Ointment mill for creams, pastes and gels

Equipped with adjustable ceramic rollers, it allows a range of crushing grades to be set, offering ideal versatility. Perfect for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical laboratories, the MultiGel ointment mill for creams guarantees ease of use and extremely simple cleaning. Our team is on hand to help you identify tailor-made solutions for the production of creams and ointments that respond to your needs.

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Ointments mill for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food sectors are designed to crush and blend the substances placed inside. Their efficiency and ability to obtain extremely fine particles allows for the production of perfectly blended pastes, creams and gels. These results are essential for guaranteeing a perfectly amalgamated product in both the nutraceutical field and for cosmetic and pharmaceutical production. From the creation of creams and pomades to the production of mascaras and lipsticks, as well as supplements in fluid form. In particular, the MultiGel ointment mill for creams has been designed for:

  • Galenic laboratories
  • Cosmetic laboratories
  • Nutraceutical laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical industries.

Ointments mill for pharmaceutical products can come in a range of forms, depending on the type of mechanical action used in the crushing process. For example, roller-mills for creams have rotating cylinders that apply pressure to crush the substances introduced. The material placed in the machine to be crushed passes through the rollers. The distance between the rollers can be adjusted to obtain differing particle sizes. The grade of crushing selected allows for evenly blended pastes and creams that range from highly dense to impalpable. The design of laboratory ointment mill determines:

  • The grade of crushing
  • The quality of blends
  • Ease in cleaning
  • How quickly they can be filled and emptied.

The MultiGel ointment mill for creams is the result of the company’s well-founded experience in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical production sectors. The rotating roller system allows for the precise crushing and blending of products, reducing particle size for excellent absorption. The ointment mill for creams is composed of three ground ceramic rollers in aluminium oxide, which are designed to guarantee excellent results. The grade of crushing is determined by the distance between the rollers. The MultiGel ointment mill for creams can be cleaned easily with a non-abrasive detergent followed by alcohol.

  • A compact, space-saving design
  • High-quality milling
  • Ease of use
  • Variable-distance
  • Rotating rollers
  • Easy cleaning
  • Minimal maintenance
  • A reliable and durable motor
  • Made-in-MultiGel design, production and assembly
  • Customised configurations.

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