Tablet Machine

Production Diam. Power supply Power Consumption Gross Weight Dimensions
50-110 cpr/min. 6-14 mm. 230 V 1,2 Kw 120Kg 71x54x84
(LxWxH cm)

The CPR 1 bench top press is a single punch machine suitable for tablets production.
The powder is loaded inside a hopper and it is transferred to the crucible through a stainless steel tube.
An adjustable punch compresses the powder and the tablet is then ejected out of the machine.
The machine has continuous motion with mechanical cams.
It has a small control panel equipped with a counter of the tablets produced. Hourly production rate reaches 6600 tablets.
It is possible to equip the press with round, oblong or oval punches. Punches can be changed easily and quickly.
All parts in contact with powder are made of AISI 316 steel.

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