About Us

The company

In 2014 Multigel detects the production of machines for the pharmaceutical companies MultiPharma. It is the birth of a new course, enhancing human capital and existing experience, he has introduced a comprehensive approach in the care of the production process.

We strongly believe in the importance of innovationand investment for technology development that allows us to improve existing products and to introduce products and new solutions while maintaining the tradition and skills that make up forMultigel a further assumption of reliability time.

All products, from first to last, have sourcedexclusively Italian and Italy are processed. The total Made in Italy is indeed one of the main objectives pursued by Multigel that has always invested in land resources. Quality and uniqueness of personalized products, attention and professionalism of the services offered guarantee our customers the highest level of satisfaction.

The activities

MultiGel makes available its expertise at the service of those who work in laboratories and industries, with a varied range of equipment, materials and meticulous and personalized services.

Multigel produces manual, semi-automatic, and automatic lines for dosing and packaging of pharmaceutical products, herbal products and cosmetics. The machines are for the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, R&D and galenic pharmacy. Each machine can be customized, thanks to a considerable flexibility of production.

The machines produced ranged from the mixing of the powders to the filling and closing of the capsules, from the mixing of liquid to the filling and capping of any type of container, until the realization of the blister and heat-sealed bags. The production covers any type of product, from powders to liquids, from creams to solid bodies. Complete the offer the supply of bottles, blister packs and sachets for paper, also for limited quantities.